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tv   News 4 New York at 5  NBC  February 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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mayor de blasio just declared a code blue, forng all the homeless off the streets. >> reporter: in fact, the mayors of new york city and the city of newark arein indoors if at all the possible. mayor de blasio saying this afternoon this isn't the kind of gold weather you simply groan and complain about. this is the kind of cold weather that can be very dangerous. it's already painfully told out, m|ens the city will force all ofhe t homeless that are currently on the street to head indoors to a shelter. in fact, they're really encouraging everyone to stay indoor this is weekend if you have to go out, only go out for short periods. layer up, obviously, as much as you possibly can. here's the key, make sure your heat and hot water are fully
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if they are not, now is the time to call 311. >> these can be life threatening conditions. people should treat that with all seriousness. particular risk to seniors, to infants, to people with cardiovascular or lung conditions. >> reporter: one other bit of advice from the mayor, now is a good time to make sure your smoke detector and your carbon monoxide detectors are working. >> pat battle is in new jersey. pat, you have some key ways people can keep warm even in their own homes. >> reporter: yes, it is me, sibila. i heard janice's advisory. this is a seven layer day for me. and i've only been out here for a short amount of time. here in bergen that car wash was actually still open.
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the employees had to have been suffering. this is the kind of weather where nobody who doesn't have to be outside should be outside. how much clothing do you have on under that? >> four pieces right now. i'm still cold. my fingers are numb right now. >> reporter: it doesn't get half this cold in her native jamaica. monica is really feeling it. at least she's only out here a few hours a day. this construction crew we found putting up a house on old mill road in franklin lakes has been out in this weather since early this morning. >> i have one layer down here. i've got some fleece on. up top i've got a couple layers. >> it's not too bad. >> reporter: with temps expected to drop even lower tomorrow, they might get the day off. though rick says -- >> we've got bills to pay. we don't work, we don't get paid.
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filled with spray foam insulation. the homeowner here won't have to worry about the cold next year. >> this has become more and more prevalent year after year. more and more almost every hnoom quote the spray foam. the only reason we would not spray foamanybody's home is because it's prohibitive cost-wise, you know? to bite the bullet at the beginning, you get the pay off in the end. >> reporter: here's some tips for keeping the cold from coming in. leave the curtainset the heat from the sun during the day. cover drafty windows with old fashioned plastic and tape if you have to, close the damper if you have a fireplace when it's not in use. and if you don't have a fireplace, do what monica is planning to do? >> i want to relax in my bed. >> reporter: some hot tea >> some hot chocolate >> reporter: or something else.
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eve of those drafty windows. i'vens gion kit, my caulking gun. kids, can you spell home improvement project tonight? >> you are the woman. trac new jersey. fire is tearing through veteran's industrl thick black smoke billowing into the rd a chemical operation. we're of course going to keep a this and bring you updas get ear y n facing criminal ar news of an ilg legal
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the manhattan da s restaurant in that building. >> i'm glad that w going to be charged and that we're going to see that happen and hpyout that. >> and we'll have more from that interview for you tonight at 6:00. the i team isw dor killing a mother and two children in a staten island hotel. police are following clues to
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>> reporter: right ing off a bus. he walked in here to the staten island ferry manhattan. wanted posters blanket the howard houses in brooklyn. sykes lived here with his parents and younger brother. >> i'm devastated. i saw him grow up as a baby. sot's shocking. >> reporter: video obtained by news 4 shows sykes strolling the eyes of a staten island bodaga and using rebec cutler's card to pay. just an hour later after leaving, police say he stabbed cutler, their four month old daughter and another child to death. a third child, a toddler, was
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>> it's not easy, but they're bearing with it. >> reporter: james mathis and his wife helped raise rebecca. she wasn't a bad person. >> he comes from a good home, the young man. don't know what happened. don't understand it. >> reporter: from east new york to disbelieve. she delivered in message. >> wherever you're at, michael, turn yourself in, because god knows -- he knows. just turn yourself kn, your mother and dad is worrying about you. >> reporter: we're told michael sykes called his mother after the attack. right now a reward is being offered for any information leading to his arrest.
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george. jury deliberations continue tonight in the case of the nypd officer who shot akai gurley. was it a criminal act or a horrible accident? that decision is being weighed in downtown brooklyn. >> reporter: chuck, 15 hours of deliberations now. and late today the jury asked for a copy of the nypd's firearms and tactics guide. that's 186 pages and it seems to point them to exactly what peter liang was doing with his weapon on the night of november 20th, 2014 liang was the nypd rookie charged now with manslaughter, as assault, reckless endangerment and official misconduct in the death of akai gurley. this jury seems very very focused on what it was that caused officer liang's finger to wind up on the trigger as he burst into a darkened stairwell
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all the jury has asked for today is that firearms tactics guide and two white boards. they seem to be furiously working on something. the judge has ordered the jury to work until 6:30 tonight because of the long president's day weekend. courts are closed tomorrow. this jury could still produce a verdict tonight. stay tuned. in other news, as the zika crisis continues to spread world wide, local governments are making game plans to fight the virus. mayor de blasio held a round table discussion to talk strategy. a man involves in state testing, mosquito monikor o itoring and public education. it was another down day on wall street.
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the s&p lost 223. the nasdaq 17. still ahead on news 4 new york at 5:00, the ship has docked but the story is far from over. what royal caribbean is doing in the wake of the very rough ride aboard the anthem of the seas. and we'll hear from passengers. whole foods may soon add a new service. it's probably the last thing you'd expect to get in one of their stores. everyone is talking about this, a scientific discovery
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the trip finally over. >> the ship is being inspected in new jersey and passengers are sharing their personal fears and future travel plans with us. >> reporter: the latest from the coast guard, it is hoping it can clear this ship for its regular cruise schedule on saturday. but the investigation is still not complete. all of which of course is cold comfort for the people who just finished their cruise. >> we thought the ship was going over. >> reporter: diane, among the last passengers off the antm
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storm-tossed ship's or dea through hurricane force winds off north carolina, w velopmented in social stip hiprt port, royal caribbean or the captain made a bad decision about lviea port procedures on sailing into bad weather these laststayed overnight because it is too late to catch a flight home. we enjoyed it. where else can you get basically a disney cruise for free? and 50% off for the next cruise. >> reporter: even with that fe passengers?
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i would never go on the north atlantic again. >> reporter: there was a compromise to propulsion system on this ship. it is being looked at now and we will have more on that in my report at 6:00, along with a ur this ekend. well, thistorm formed just off the carolina coast, but it exploded or bombed out right over the jet stream.
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showing a picture that came in these are the strongest winds that are flowing into the storm. and the warmest water out here in the gulf stream. the storm was energized by that. typically this is what we might see with a hurricane during hurricane system. but this is not a hurricane, but it's very similar. the ship on sunday ran into the path of the storm. too quickly for them to turn right around. but they had to make their way ar and they were already when it actually e intention
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we saw coastal flooding and a lot of other things and snow colder. even seen some snow showers and flurries here. there is a snow squall that stretches from middletown aberdeen aberdeen. this has formed here. it is moving offshore slowly. watch out for some sliwny in that area. otherwise it's pretty dry in that region. winds are gusting up to 40 miles an hour. it is bitterly cold and this isn't the worst of it. the
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around fores, this goes into affect saturday evening. it may feels d. it's best to stay indoors during cold like this, but if you have to be out, make sure every piece of skin is covered up.
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exposed if you can help it. it does warm up by tuesday. dave price tes. remember that monster storm that broke records last month? it the really did some damage in new jersey. that storm dropped two feet of snow in some areas, cut power to thousands and flooded several coastal town. the national transportation safety board says it will renew its search for the black box inside the el faro cargo ship. 33 crew members were lost when it sank during hurricane joaquin. today new york city's health
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prevalent in the state. health care workers who are not vaccinated are now required to wear masks when assisted patients. flu season runs through may and doctors say it is not too late to get vaccinated. new york's highest court is considering where to over turn smoking restrictions in state parks. smokers rights groups say the rules should be decided by the legislature, not the parks department. a huge announcement today in the scientific world. >> one expert is calling this one of the premier discoveries in the last several hundred years. >> we have detected gravitation al waves. we did it. >> a gravitational wave is defined as a faint ripple in space and time, kind of like the rippling you see when you drop a
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the ripples were created by a collision of black holes. to detect gravitational waves, scientists had to come up with a way to hear them. and they finally detected that sound this past september. >> it's going to open up all sorts of new ways to study parts of the universe that we haven't been able to study before. >> albert einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves a century ago. >> i'm not sure how it affects us directly, but it is fascinating. still ahead, the airline uber is teaming up with to help you get to and from the airport. and 70 years later a world war ii veteran and the woman he
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. the people of mexico are preparing for a visit from pope francis. final preparations are being made across the country for the holy father's five-day visit. during his stay, he will walk through the holy doors of mexico city's cathedral. many hope the pope's visit will inspire words of hope and spur change in the drug ravaged country. sometimes the most frustrating part of traveling is just getting to the airport and back. uber is providing a streamlined service. the american airlines app will
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uber location. a timeless love story just in time for valentine's day. he met his long lost love, 8 8-year-old joyce norris. joyce was only 17 at the time. she was left with a broken heart. but they reconnected after all these years. so how did it feel to reunite? >> to see this woman that i hadn't seen for 70 years, of course it was a great difference in appearance, but there's a big difference in my appearance too. >> there is that. well, a happy ending thanks to a fund-raising campaign after norwood started talking to joyce via skype and their story went public. how sweet. a teacher says she was
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helping a student in distress. one local power company is hitting customers with a new fee. it's not a lot, but wait until you hear why. a takedown of a major street
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we are back right now with that breaking nauz ing ing news in new jersey
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through veteran's industrial park on route 206. a record search we just did shows the complex contains businesses including cabinet makers and a chemical operation. >> we have not received any reports of injuries. there are more than 100 firefighters on the scene. we're going to keep a very close eye on this and we'll bring you updates as we get them. we want to go now to rockland county where neighbors in a typically quiet community are trying to wrap hair their heads around a disturbing scene they woke up to. >> reporter: so many people are asking why it had to come to this. this woman says she knew the couple. they dropped off their dry


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